Safety regulations of Major Hunt

The hunter is responsible for using the firearm and the ammunition in a safety manner. Hunter is obliged to comply with following rules:

  1. Use the firearm that is in full working order.
  2. Check every time if the barrels are not clogged before you load your firearm.
  3. Always point the firearm in a safe direction (up or down) regardless if the gun is loaded or unloaded e.g.: when you are loading and unloading your firearm; when moving in the hunting area; during breaks; when getting in and out of the vehicle, etc.
  4. Everywhere the hunter has to keep his weapon unloaded and in the cover except the hunting area where he is permitted to hunt.
  5. Hunter has to keep his weapon unloaded in the hunting area whilst moving through villages or towns.
  6. The hunters must remove the cartridges out of the chambers when crossing barriers such as ditches, fences, footbridges, climbing up or down and during breaks in hunting when the weapon is not put aside.
  7. Keep the safety of your firearm on when crossing a difficult terrain (hills, boggy area, slippery or densely overgrown terrain), or when crossing through deep snow.
  8. The firearm which is put aside during the break must be unloaded. The firearm should stay near the hunter and he/she should always be able to see it. It must also be secured from falling down.
  9. Do not aim at an animal and shoot at it if:
    1. In the line of the fire there are other hunters, people, farm animals, buildings or vehicles, and the distance between the hunter and the animal does not guarantee a safe shot.
    2. The animal is on the top of hill.
    3. The animal is in the distance less than 200m from operating machines.
    4. The animal is in the distance less than 150m from buildings.
  10. Aiming at an animal and shooting at it is permitted if:
    1. There are conditions which guarantee taking an effective shot and possibility of retrieving the killed animal.
    2. The conditions guarantee the safety of the surrounding.
    3. The animal has been accurately identified.
  11. The hunter can take a shot at the animal in a distance not greater than:
    1. 40 meters – when shooting with shotgun;
    2. 100 meters – when shooting with a rifle with an open sight;
    3. 200 meters – when shooting with a rifle with a scope.
  12. Fast trigger may be used only in an individual hunting. It can only be switched on after the animal has been identified and the gun has been pointed at it. If the shot has not been taken, the firearm must be switched on the safety mode and the fast trigger must be switched off.
  13. Taking part in a hunting while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited.
  14. Shooting to animals which are under protection is prohibited.
  15. Hunter who shot an animal under protection will be held responsible.
  16. During the hunting the leader of the hunting or guide can exclude from the hunting those who do not comply with those rules. There will be no refund on missed outings.

Consent to the safety regulations and use of personal data before your trip

Please fill in the form and consent to the information on this page. A hunter will not be allowed to hunt if he/she has not given consent.